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Reginald Pean


When will you ship out my order?
Your order will be shipped within 5 days of the order being placed, at which point I will email you a tracking number for your package.

What do you mean pre-order?
A pre-order means purchasing an item before it’s been manufactured or printed.
Because I don’t regularly stock certain pieces, they are then available for pre-order *only* and fulfilled within 28 days purchase.
All pre-order item pages contain detailed information about the items estimated shipping date.

When will you ship out my pre-order woven blanket?
All blankets take on average 3-4 weeks to be made due to the delicate weaving process. Shipping occurs immediately after I receive the products.
You will receive an email with a tracking number once your package is out.

Can I combine an order that contains a pre-order with other ready merchandise?
Yes, absolutely. The entire order will be shipped out once the pre-order merchandise arrives at my studio.

I never got my order!!
If it has been over 3 weeks and for some reason you never received your order please feel free to contact me and we will get it sorted out right away.

How do I take care of my new woven blanket?

• You can machine wash your blanket in the gentle cycle with cold water.
•Do not bleach, dry clean, or iron your blanket.
•  Hang drying your woven blanket or drying on a large flat surface is best .

• If you ever need to use a stain remover, make sure it’s safe for use on cotton fabrics. Test stain removers on an inconspicuous area of your blanket first to make absolutely sure it doesn't discolor your blanket.

Will you draw me like one your frenchinald girls?